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, , , April 21, 2014

We’re glad to share our very loyal player “Marc Serowik” and his take on our newly launched game “ My SLOTS”!

In Marc’s words:

Marc with MySLOTS
I would like to begin by saying that I have been a loyal and long time daily player of Slot Machine for over three years now. When I first heard about My Slots I was

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excited and happy because if it was anything like Slot Machine is now then it was surely going to be an awesome game. Well I’m happy to say that it is definitely up to par with Slot Machine but it does so much more that it blows my mind how different they are.

When I found out that Apostek was looking for beta testers for this new game I jumped at the chance and looking back now I am so very glad that I did because I got to see just how amazing this new game really is. For this review

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I will walk through the main areas of My Slots and provide my thoughts and opinions about them.


I was very impressed by several things within the first few seconds of launching My Slots. First, the high quality graphics are something to be happy about. Owning retina display devices (iPhone 5S &iPad Air) definitely has its advantages and this is one of them. Next was that I appreciate games that utilize the four inch displays found in iPhone 5 and newer. It provides a richer user experience not seeing the black bars found in non-optimized games.

Beyond that the next thing that impressed me was the progress saving via linking my Facebook account. Since I find myself restoring my devices more frequently than I’d like to admit this is a feature I consider and look for before buying or downloading a new game.


Another feature I like is when games offer a tutorial of the main features of the game. My Slots does a fantastic job of explaining all the different features like free spin, daily canada pharmacy online bonus, how to play and more. As I went through each area and discovered new features like all the different mini games and the gamble feature I was always greeted with a little information screen

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on how it worked which was very helpful.


This is a feature that I loved from the minute I was introduced to it via the tutorial and have only grown to love it even more and I have played through. I found it is a great way to earn free chips, gold, and offers mini games that perhaps you haven’t leveled up to yet. I found it to be fair in winning premium viagra taking effect video currency (gold) which is used for buying power ups. For as much as I played it didn’t always give me the same thing over and over sildenafil citrate 100mg again. I felt it was a good mix and that it was truly random in what you would win. It also provides a way to get extra chips and gold without necessarily having to buy with real cash which I appreciate as many other games that offer in app purchases almost force you to do so.

I found the one spin every sixty minutes from the last spin to be a good balance of not being too short or too long. Plus, since I enabled push notifications I can easily know when I have a new spin waiting for me.


This feature is something I have come to love in Slot Machine and I am so

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happy it

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made its way into My Slots. What’s nice is instead of just having a daily section there is also the Facebook friend and the VIP member bonuses. For the

daily bonus sectionThe one thing that is different is the time period in which the bonuses are offered. Instead of the seven day cycle My Slots goes all the way down to thirty days before restating back at one. Personally, I find this much more motivating to come back and play as each day the amount won grows higher and higher which makes me excited to come back and play.

The Facebook friend bonus awards 1,000 chips per friend which is a great way to get an extra chip boost each day. Now while I personally don’t have many friends to begin with let alone ones who play My Slots or games in general it is still nice to see this feature offered for those who do.

Finally there is the VIP bonus which offers not only chips but also premium currency gold. While it does require a one time in app purchase to unlock this bonus I feel for all the benefits that are offered it is well worth the associated cost. For those specific benefits please continue reading.


A brand new feature is the

optional VIP membership that offers exclusive bonuses and features not found elsewhere throughout the game. This does cost real money to gain access to all the benefits but given all the benefits I feel it more than makes up for it.


A one-time 50,000 chip bonus for signing up
Daily 1,000 chip & 5 gold bonus
Access to the VIP slot machine which offers higher bets and even higher payouts
10% additional chips and gold when buying packs
Exclusive “VIP” pack which gives chips and gold

Of all these benefits the additional daily bonus chips and gold appeals most to cipla viagra me because over time it will add up significantly. Just like when you go into a dollar store before you know it the one or two items turns into ten or twenty items and a much higher bill. The extra amount given will actress in viagra commercial definitely add up over time.

As far as in app purchases go I generally avoid even downloading or especially paying for a game that has them. With My Slots I don’t mind them because I don’t feel forced to buy them as with past games I’ve played. I’m more inclined to buy one time in app purchases so I’m glad that becoming a VIP is in fact a one time purchase. If you are a daily player like me I feel it is tadalafil dosage most definitely worth it.

You can also buy chips and gold independently as you see fit. I found the prices are alright but perhaps too high

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for the higher packages. If anything I would buy gold to

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use for power ups then buying chips, but to each his or her own. I understand developers need to make a living as well and I don’t mind supporting great games like Slot Machine and My Slots to a point. Which is why I like and prefer one time in app purchases like the VIP membership versus recurring in app purchases like buying chips or gold.

Plus given the fact this game has no ads and no in app purchase to remove ads I find it easier to buy the VIP membership as a way to support the developers for a game I throughly enjoy playing.



I would first like to say that I generally don’t participate in this type of feature for various personal reasons, but during my beta testing I was given a personal demonstration by one of the developers from the Apostek team and it changed how I viewed the game from that point onward.

Essentially you are given two options or tournaments to choose from. The first is a free tournament in which anyone can play and participate in. The second is a premium tournament which costs 5,000 chips per entry but offers higher bets and winnings.

Upon entering either one you are put into a queue and up to ten other players can be selected. Once it begins your goal is to be the first one to get five stars by getting three or more stars on a payline. There is a maximum of five minutes to do so and the first one wins.

I found myself feeling that adrenaline rush to spin and spin to get all five stars which during the demo I did achieve and it was nice reeling in that satisfaction of winning. Of course, during the second

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go round I lost so it evened out, but it was good to see how great this feature is being without that demo I most likely wouldn’t have ever bothered to see what it was.

Overall, this feature is something I find myself coming back for more and is yet another reason I love My Slots. The group of up to ten was big enough it wasn’t an easy win but not so big it felt the odds of getting hit by lightning twice in the same five minutes was better which is a good thing.


Another perk of being a VIP player is having access to this unique machine which offers the highest bets and highest payouts of the game. The smallest bet is 5,000 chips while the highest is 50,000 chips. It also offers the highest XP for leveling up crazy fast during the starting levels.

It is a great way to progress up the ranks quickly to unlock different machines in the Classic area. One of the issues I have http://pharmacy-genericrx-online.com/ with Slot Machine is accumulating chips faster than I can spend them. In My Slots I’m happy to see that’s not an issue and not to say you lose all the time but rather there is a better http://genericviagra-otcrx.com/ win/lose ratio.


This area is my favorite of all because it includes many different themes of slot machines each with its own music, sound effects, and mini game.

One feature I have come to love is the ability to swipe to spin. Instead of repeatedly hitting a button you can instead swipe down to spin. It gives me a sense of control even though I know it makes no difference if I swipe or press the spin button. I like it also because it feels more interactive which is always a good thing.

Another new feature is the option to gamble your winnings for the chance to double or quadruple the amount won. This feature definitely makes the game more interesting and also helps with not having so many chips you can’t get rid of them fast enough. tadalafil 20mg There is still

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a huge incentive

to “hoard” your chips in order to make huge pulmonary htn sildenafil bets and get potential even bigger payouts.

Additionally, each machine has its own jackpot which upon getting three or more jackpot symbols awards the amount displayed at the top and center.

I enjoyed how each machine has its own unique mini game which offers variety in the game so it doesn’t seem stale. My favorite mini game I would say is Pet Race.


I find the power ups to be helpful in getting a higher score faster but not necessary to buy which is a good thing.


At the

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end of the day I have come to love My Slots as much as I love Slot

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Machine if not a little more. My Slots is more feature packed then a Slot Machine that is very apparent when you first start playing. In the short time I’ve played My Slots I’ve come to love all the features added and carried over from Slot Machine.

» Apostek Games, My SLOTS » Our loyal player ‘Marc Serowik’ take...

, , , April 21, 2014

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